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  • Basic clipping path is the easiest and also the cheapest clipping path to create. A basic clipping path would be ideal for products like smartphones, framed art, books, balls and simple canisters.

  • Simple clipping path is slightly more complex clipping paths to remove backgrounds from products like simple jewelry, vehicles, single furniture items or other standalone products.

  • Medium clipping paths are often complex enough that several paths are created then merged together to achieve the final result.

  • Multiple clipping paths are ideal if you have a complicated product or grouping of products that need color changes or color correction in certain areas.

Quality Clipping Path Service at low cost: The Best One You Can Try

Manipulating and controlling images requires high expertise. That is due to the sophistication of new editing software that offers extraordinary features. Nowadays, it is possible to create and modify almost anything in a photo. And, one of the best ways to get those results is to use our image masking service. But is what this tool offers that other tools don´t?

First of all, it compiles many features that, in the past, were dispersed among many different tools. Editors know and are leveraging this advantage and provide services with high-quality without compromising the speed. Such a marvelous feature deserves a closer look, so you can decide if you use these services or not.

Image masking is a sophisticated photo editing tool that allows hiding or revealing certain parts of a photo. The innovation of this process consists of allowing it to keep the parts that are modified and keeping them for future works.

Hence, when you order image masking services and allow editors to work with the tool, it is possible to apply any modifications to the image that are very precise and realistic. As a result, the process is faster than others, and it allows for more creative and high-quality changes.

The main purpose of image masking is to show or reveal parts on any given photo. But the final goal is to create new images with the same partial or total content of the picture. Also, it helps to keep or enhance its aesthetic appearance.

What Is Clipping Path and Its Type

Clipping path is a technique that is applied to create a close vector path or shape in Photoshop. The pen tool is used there. Usually, the technique is applied in order to replace the background with a transparent or white background. And also, the clipping path can enhance the entire quality of the image. In a word, it is the best way to make any image eye-catching.

It has some types that are important for you to know. The types are as follows.

Single Layer Path.

This type is primarily applied for removing the background of the image. It gives your product a smart look.

Multi-layer Clipping Paths.

Multi-layer paths are used for retouching the image. Using this path modification of a specific part of an image is done.

Color Path

Sometimes we need to change color of an object of an image, and this path allows you to this, but it doesn’t affect the image quality.

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Areas Where Clipping Path Service Is Needed

If you start making a list of the sites where the service Clipping Path Service is needed, you see a very long list will be created. In fact, the service is required on most online-based images and hard copy also. So, let’s check the purposes where it is required.

Neck joint service.

Image masking.

Removal of any specific part.

Retouching and restoration.

Web image optimization.

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What Clipping Path Services Do We Provide?

As one of the best and quality clipping path service provider in Bangladesh, we do provide all services related to the clipping path industry. We understand what needs to do just after observing an image. If you need the service, contact us, or order clipping path service, we will contact you. Usually, the following tasks are commonly done, and we provide all those services.

Remove or modify image background.

Recoloring the image.

Shadow making service.

Jewelry retouch and recolor.

E-commerce product image retouch.

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Importance of Clipping Path Service

Time is always changing, and the world has been modernizing day by day. We hope it is not unknown to you the online platform is how much popular for product selling. The e-commerce platform already has got popularity, and Amazon, Alibaba, Wallmart, etc. are the perfect example.

Do you know the giant e-commerce sites don’t accept the image that is not well improved? That is why all time, you see eye-catching images on those platforms. If you use a low-quality image in your online selling platform, you won’t like that; others are far away.

I hope you understand. It is also a basic knowledge if you represent anything to the people, show it at your level best as everybody praises of that.

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Why Choose Us?

Well, you know there are many clipping path service provider in Bangladesh available. Having so many options in your hand, why will you choose us, right?

Okay. We say, why don’t you choose us if you get more than your expectation from us? That’s not mean we don’t make any profits. Yes, absolutely, we do. But comparing to others, we keep our profit margin very low. We do believe that if we can give you more than your expectations, we will be flooded with clients. And the more satisfied clients we can make, the more we can generate money. We are very transparent and honest in our work and skill.

However, we treat you as you are one of us, and we have the mentality to grow together. Thus we do complete every of your task very perfectly by our highly qualified experts. Just upload your photo to get your first clipping path free trial from us and see how precisely we ample that!

What we are promising as the best and quality clipping path service in Bangladesh:

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