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What is the difference between layer mask and clipping mask

layer mask vs clipping mask

In photography, how photo editor, designers and photographers deliver their content matters a lot. The results of your customer images will either chase them away or retain them. Use a layer mask and a clipping mask to make your photos more enticing. That is why we bring to you this detailed comparison of a layer mask and a clipping mask:

What are the masks?

A mask is a method used to make specific portions of an image more visible. It shows another object in its portion. Nevertheless, why should you hide some parts of your image? Keep in mind that this is a strong and influential technique. Web photographers, photo editor and graphic designers among others are mostly use it. They use it mainly to enhance photos as well as design photos.

There are two main types of masks; Layer masks as well as a clipping mask. Having a defined mask is also crucial to look into their uses. According to most users, they claim that these techniques are similar but different in application.

Layer mask in Photoshop

These masks employ one image or editing. It allows you to hide some portions of a layer. It also allows you to reveal all the portions underneath the photo. You will accomplish this by adjusting the transparency as well as the opacity of the layer using a mask.

How to create a layer mask

I was hoping you could select an image that you wish to edit in Photoshop. You will be able to use an array of tools to do it. Among est the tools is the Pen Tool, Magic Wand, Quick Selection tool, Marquee tool as well as shape tool. This tool will enable you to select an orange.

After identifying an active selection, click on the mask button to enable you to create a new mask. Selected pixels will be visible, while unselected ones will remain hidden. While considering a layered palate, the mask applies itself. Clipping masks are different in appearance.

Create a Layer Mask.

After creating a layer mask, you can add it to a different background or maintain it in its original storage.

What is a clipping mask in Photoshop?

This mask will let you hide some portions of an image. The masks created using numerous layers while layer masks created using a single layer. A clipping mask is simply a shape that masks other artwork. It only reveals what is within the shape. Apart from making them form a shape, you can also apply the masks to text and vector objects.

How do I create a clipping mask?

You can create a clipping mask with a text. First, type out the text you wish to mask in Photoshop. Add the image that you want to mask above the text layer. Right-click on the image layer as well as choose “create a clipping mask.”

Create a Clipping Mask.

Now you will realize images showing through the text, and they look beautiful. Create this mask by connecting two layer masks. There are ways you can enhance your designs using a mask, and this is just one example.

Why you should use a clipping mask?

In the 21st century, there are huge improvements in the film and photography industry. There is no doubt that photography has changed a lot due to progression in advancing technology. Analogue photography is no longer there. Using a computer with photography has made this industry quite lucrative. By using clipping, mask:

Advantages of the layer mask
Application of layer mask and clipping mask

Designers employ these masks to make a lot of enhancement in their photos as well as designs. Designs are not only on your images. But designs are almost all the things that you come across in your day-to-day activities. Designing is somehow close to the artwork. For instance, when you create a beautiful design using a mask, it’s an application of a clipping path. Use your design on a cup or t-shirt it is more of artwork.

What does a layer clipping mask do, and how can we use it?

A layer-clipping mask is a group of masks applied together in a clipping mask. Did you know that you could link a layer mask in a clipping mask and use them together? This will definitely lead to a unique and simply amazing design at the end of the day.

What layer masks do?

Layer masks control the transparency of your design or image. In simple reality, it enables all the areas hidden by layer masks to be transparent. This will allow the images on the lower layer to be visible.

1. Why do we use a clipping mask in Photoshop?

Through clipping mask, you can employ some layer details to mask the layers above.

2. What is clipping masking?

This is simple setoff layers that contain mask. The base layer is the most important in determining the boundaries of content.


There is no doubt that both the layer mask and clipping mask are equally important in the global photography industry. These two masks make this industry lucrative and quite profitable. They save time and lead to better creations in your images. If you need any image masking service then please contact us.

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